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           BLUES POEM

  I got no smile cause I'm down

           I carry a horn to blow in all these streets

          A solo riff out of my head

          How could your ever know I feel

          So high on life and feet and ass and legs and thighs

          That I can rise and dance with all the stars

          And I can eat the moon and laugh an I can cry

          The dark caves of cities hungry streets

          The tired faces dark and dreary bent

          and all the death it dies

          I let it die

          I lift my horn and blow some sounds

          some sound for kids to come

          Some unborn sun

          in darker streets than mine

          Magicians carry wings so they can fly

          Let's blow a horn and love

          Let's get on it and ride

          and laugh and dance and jive

          Let's shake the dead and let the downers die

          The magic of the singers warms the earth

          A song

          A poem

          Some paradise of mind

          I got to smile now

          I'm feeling good

          The city street

          The palace of my mind



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